Tech Support When You Need It

Part Time Network Admin was created to fill the void in outsourced consulting and IT support by creating a new, fully-customizable type of network administration for businesses with 25-100 employees. Since launching, the firm has grown significantly, with clients along the entire East Coast.  Past and current clients have included law firms, financial service companies, architects, non-profits and ad agencies. Part Time Network Admin has spearheaded numerous high-risk operations,  correcting server crashes quickly and saving firms from other hardware failures.

Through managing outsourced IT services, Part Time Network Admin helps clients reach their objectives at the lowest possible risk and cost. Part Time Network Admin clients are offered an unparalleled level of service and applied know-how by leveraging the expertise of its technicians who have years of experience in the technology arena.

Best of all, outsourcing your IT support to Part Time Network Admin is the most effective, immediate way to provide support without all the overhead of an in-house staff. Without exception, Part Time Network Admin’s flexibility, convenience, and experience will improve the level of IT support that your users receive.

Man in home office using computer holding paperwork and smiling“My practice can take me across town and across the country. Instead of hiring a full-time IT guy to sit around a mostly empty office, outsourcing locally just made more sense. My Part Time Network Admin can assist me when I’m on the go, but is still available whenever I need him in the office. The convenience of emergency remote support combined with regular onsite maintenance keeps my small law firm running smoothly.”

 Increased Reliability

Your Part Time Network Admin is based locally for faster, more reliable response times than overseas remote support. Our fortified, secure data backup center is located in New York using multiple servers, Internet connections, and backup generators that provide fail-over protection and redundancy. As a result, your employees enjoy increased productivity and a sharply reduced potential for costly crashes that can occur with conventional servers and infrastructure.

No More Managing IT

Part Time Network Admin handles nearly all the IT support your staff needs to run your business effectively. We take care of your whole IT network, including security, backups, and updates, so your staff can focus on what’s most important – running and growing your business.

Lower Cost

With the pay-as-you-go Part Time Network Admin model you’re able to save significantly on the cash-intensive capital outlay to buy and build an internal system, as well as the ongoing costs of supporting that system. We offer multiple plans to fit your schedule and budget by letting you choose low hourly rates or a flat monthly fee that scales to match the number of users and your business demands.

Lower Risk

Building and maintaining your own system is fraught with pitfalls that can cause your business to come to a screeching halt. With Part Time Network Admin’s service, your business is supported by enterprise-grade equipment and personnel that ensures your system stays up so your company runs smoothly.

Training from Part Time Network Admin‘s Experts

The Part Time Network Admin team is certified in a wide range of applications, which means we’re able to train your staff on how to get the most out of each application.

Peace of Mind

Your firm will be more secure with our custom-tailored network infrastructure and cloud services than it would be with an in-house system. You’ll have the expert support of an entire technology company rather than just one “computer guy” who can’t know everything and may leave the firm at any time.