An IT Manager with 6-10 years experience is well-equipped to manage day-to-day needs. However, a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with 15-20 years in the industry is able to see the bigger picture.

By leveraging experience working with over 100 companies, a CTO has an in-depth understanding of ROI, TCO, and the difference between disaster recovery and business continuity.

Our CTOs work with your outsourced or direct-hire IT Manager to bridge these gaps and ensure your firm’s technology roadmap is aligned with your business needs. While a full-time CTO is required for businesses with over 500 users, small to medium sized businesses may only need periodic consulting.   Depending on the size of your company, CTO Services may only be required a few times per week, per month, or on a quarterly basis. That’s why we offer flexible plans to match your company goals and your budget.

CTOs help with these crucial tasks:

  • Annual IT budget
  • Major upgrades
  • Office Technology Relocations
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Network Security