There When You Need Us.    Not When You Don’t.

Part Time Network Admin offers all of the functions and stability of a Fortune 500 IT department in a single outsourced service. We cater to businesses that either do not want an IT department or want to reduce the overall costs of day-to-day IT work.  Some clients prefer IT consultants to come onsite to their office for regularly scheduled maintenance. Others prefer we support them remotely. Often a mixture of the two methods is the most productive and cost effective solution.

We support our clients in a few different ways:

Onsite Network Administration

Full or part-time personnel are available onsite to address any and all technology-related issues, without the overhead of employee health benefits, workers’ comp or paid vacation. Scheduled pro-active maintenance ensures a stable and productive network, and includes data backup checking, anti-virus, spam and resolving user issues.  Unscheduled computer and network troubleshooting is available same day to resolve new support issues affecting one or more users.

Remote Tech Support

While most of our office support is done onsite at the business, the unique platform of cloud-based services requires fast and reliable remote computer support. Call or request support after-hours and get a live person immediately. We can troubleshoot your connection, help you with an application error, or answer any type of IT question. As your unlimited help desk, remote support is an ideal solution for satellite offices and working from home.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Services

By leveraging experience working with over 100 companies, a CTO has an in-depth understanding of ROI, TCO, and the difference between disaster recovery and business continuity. Our CTO will work with your outsourced or direct-hire IT Manager to bridge these gaps and ensure your firm’s technology roadmap is aligned with your business needs.

Industry Network Specialist

In the cloud or in your office, you’ll get unparalleled support from an Industry Network Specialist.  In addition to network setup and managing server migrations, all of our techs are specifically trained in the finer points of your industry’s software, security, and network infrastructure.